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Welcome to the online Course Proposal System (CPS).  You can login as either an instructor or moderator .
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You can find your Curriculum Committee subject area contact in this List of Area Chairs.

For information about OLLI's online learning activities, please see the OLLI at Duke Online Learning website.

Additional information for OLLI Instructors can be found on the OLLI at Duke Instructor website.

Key Dates:
    Fri, Dec  1 - Intent to Teach for spring 2024 term opens
    Fri, Dec 15 at 5 PM - Intent to Teach for spring 2024 term are due
    Mon, Jan  8 - Instructors notified of i2T acceptance / CPF opens¬†
    Jan 29 - Apr 5, 2024 - Winter term (ten weeks)
    Mon, Jan 22 at 5 PM - CPF for spring term are due¬†
    April 29 - Jun 7, 2024 - Spring term (six weeks)

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